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NEW YORK - $195 - 16 CREDITS

Choose One 8 hour Classroom Course and One (1) Self Study Course               


Choose One 8 hour Classroom Course and Two (2) Self Study Course   

NEW JERSEY  - $100 - 8 CREDITS         $50 - 4 CREDITS


Classroom Courses 


CE 106 - Risk Mgmt/PC                      - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 4 credits         

CE 107- Risk Financing Options        -  (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)  - 4 credits        

CE 108 - Business Continuation          - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits      

CE 110 - Long Term Care Suitability - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits            

CE 113 - Agency Management            

(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits 

CE 116 - Cyber Risks                           (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits 

CE 110 - Long Term Care                    - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits                 


 Self Study Courses 



CE 305 - Legal Concepts & Doctrines   - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits   

CE 306 - Ethics                                        - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits   

CE 307 - Delivering Quality Service     - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 8 credits   

CE 315 - Negotiation Skills                    (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 9 credits  

CE 317  - Awareness of Ins Fraud        (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   - 10 credits 

CE 318 -  Business Continuation          (LA/LB/C1)                             - 10 credits    

CE 319 - Underwriting Basics              - (BR/PC/PA/C3)                       - 13 credits   

CE 320 - The Insurance Prof & Ethics - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   -  8 credits                                             

CE 321 - Cyber Risks and Managing Internet Attacks - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1)   -  8 credits      



▪ Self Study Exams are monitored 8:00 a.m - one hour prior to scheduled class.

▪ Textbooks (Self Study) must be purchased at least seven (7) days prior to class.

Self Study course requires a passing grade of 70%

▪ A Certificate is issued to each Licensee successfully completing a course      



New York State Insurance Department Requirements

New York State Insurance Department requires that insurance Agents earn 15 credits every two years to renew a license.


License Renewal dates

An Agent born in an odd numbered year - their license will expire on their birthday in an odd numbered year

An Agent born in an even numbered year - their license will expire on their birthday in an even numbered year

A newly issued or transition license will be between 24 and 48 months in duration.


CT - New Flood Requirements

All residents Producers licensed with Property and Casualty and Personal Lines authority

who renew their license on or after August 1, 2007 are required to complete a one time

three (3) credit on Federal Flood requirements.




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