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Tretinoin Cream is used for treating acne.

Is there a generic online pharmacy uk worldwide shipping tretinoin gel I can buy at the drugstore which works like this and won't stain my cheeks? Thanks, B. C. Bethlehem, PA Hi Beth!!! Thanks for answering my question! I'm about to buy the brand you posted - will it work for me? I've read the reviews and have done a little research myself. There seems to be some conflicting information on this. My concern is: I have a red spot near the bridge of my nose that I want healed. My dermatologist is going to give me topical tretinoin at the end of October, and tretinoin online pharmacy before then, will she be doing anything that's going to bring out the redness? Does she see a pattern to the redness or can you give me a general idea of what might work best to bring healing this spot? I also have acne around my eyes and tretinoin cream uk pharmacy chin, so to keep that from getting worse, I want to avoid taking retinol (and tretinoin). As mentioned, I have already read your post. So far, I'm not sure it's going to work help with either of those conditions. I think the red spot is really only thing holding me back from giving up tretinoin. I have read some reviews in your post to clarify. I'd be glad take another look at your recommendation. What do you think? Thank you much, Linda Hi Linda!! Thank you for sending your question! I have this problem too. As soon my retinol gets in the red zone, it se