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NEW YORK - $195 - 16 CREDITS

Choose One 8 hour Classroom Course and One (1) Self Study Course


Choose One 8 hour Classroom Course andTwo (2) Self Study Course



Classroom Courses

CE 106 - Risk Mgmt/PC - (BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 4 credits

CE 107- Risk Financing Options -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 4 credits

CE 108 - Business Continuation -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 110 - Long Term Care Suitability-(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 113 - Agency Management

-(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 116 - Cyber Risks -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 110 - Long Term Care -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

Self Study Courses

CE 305 - Legal Concepts & Doctrines-(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 306 - Ethics -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 307 - Delivering Quality Service -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 315 - Negotiation Skills -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 9 credits

CE 317- Awareness of Ins Fraud -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 10 credits

CE 318 - Business Continuation -(LA/LB/C1) - 10 credits

CE 319 - Underwriting Basics -(BR/PC/PA/C3) - 13 credits

CE 320 - The Insurance Prof & Ethics -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits

CE 321 - Cyber Risks and Managing Internet Attacks -(BR/PC/LA/LB/PA/C3/C1) - 8 credits


Self Study Exams are monitored 8:00 a.m - one hour prior to scheduled class.

▪ Textbooks (Self Study) must be purchased at least seven (7) days prior to class.

Self Study course requires a passing grade of 70%

▪ A Certificate is issued to eachLicensee successfully completinga course


New York State Insurance Department Requirements

New York State Insurance Department requires that insurance Agents earn 15 credits every two years to renew alicense.

License Renewal dates

An Agent bornin anodd numbered year - their license will expire on their birthday in an odd numbered year

An Agent bornin anevennumbered year - their license will expire on their birthday in an evennumbered year

A newly issued or transition license will be between 24 and 48 months in duration.

CT - New Flood Requirements

All residents Producers licensed with Property andCasualty and Personal Lines authority

who renew their license on or after August 1, 2007 are required to complete a one time

three (3) credit on Federal Flood requirements.

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