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At Focal Insurance, we are committed to the success of our students. Our experienced instructors deliver material in an easy to understand format while providing exams tips and strategies.

These courses prepare students to take the Property Casualty Agent/Broker Exam.

Students must complete the pre-study requirement by reading the first four Chapters of the License Manual prior to start of Class. 

Students will take an Online Exam and must pass with at least 70% to receive a Certificate of Completion

                        September 14th thru October 8th, 2021
                        October 19th thru November 12th, 2021
                        November 30th thru December 20th, 2021
            Choose your date of attendance /Click on Form to register
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                           ONLINE AUDIO/VIDEO COURSE

Pricing includes License Manual and Law Supplement



Material shipment:

License Manual and State Law Supplement will be shipped via UPS ground within 1-3 bus days after receipt of paid order. Please allow 4- 5 bus days for delivery.  Express Delivery is available for an additional charge.

Please call for assistance to register - 845-354-2036

Email - focalinsurance@aol.com


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